Training Courses

The Training Courses are addressed to professionals who work in highly multi-ethnic social and organizational contexts. Through their participation, professionals will reflect and learn from their professional experience and acquire new knowledge to manage multi-ethnic contexts.
The experiential methods will allow to validate their own professional experience and to develop new ones to cope with the challenges proposed by the multi-ethnic societies. Topics presented in the Training Courses have been defined in collaboration with the insiders.

How to reach this objective? By using an experiential model aimed at increasing useful knowledge to manage the multi-ethnic contexts.

During the Training Courses the active learning methodologies will be used. Among these methods, which combine research, education, learning and action, critical incidents, action learning, protocols of action learning conversation, narrative case studies, case history and simulation methodologies will be used. Workshops in presence will be implemented through research materials provided by online platforms in synchronous and asyncronous mode.