Arab language for the mediation and security

Simona Micali

The Course aims to provide linguistic, cultural and methodological skills useful for the interception and prevention of radicalization phenomena.
The course is addressed to professionals and managers working on law enforcement, public and private security, army, public administration (especially local authorities), rehabilitation institutes.
The maximum number of participants is 20.
The main learning goal is the acquisition of good Arabic basic skills in comprehension oral and written expression.
Language will be taught in laboratories and intensive mode, mainly in the first weeks of the course. The last part of the course will complement the refinement of language skills to an in-depth module on Arab culture (mainly focused on knowledge and understanding the dynamics of Islamic communities in Europe).
The linguistic and cultural learning will be complemented by intensive seminars held by professionals and experts in the field of security, international cooperation and reception. They will provide participants with their experiences and knowledge acquired in their own areas of activity.

Arabic Language Workshop (100 hours).

Seminars on "Working in mediation in security" (20 hours)

Basic course of Arab culture (30 hours)

The Course is part of the activities planned for the Course n. 3 of the Forward Project to manage the radicalization phenomena declined according to the Cultural Diversity Management approach.