Practices for multicultural management and
programmes to counter radicalization

Claudio Melacarne

Training Course

The training Course “Practices of multicultural management and programmes to counter radicalization” is addressed to
law enforcement and security professionals who work in highly multi-ethnic contexts and want to develop skills in the management and prevention of radicalization phenomena in order to raise quality for the services, reduce disputes and create social cohesion.


Reaching and understanding the new forms of radicalization. Target: public officials, (in particular law enforcement), experts and security professionals.

Department of Science of Education, Human Science and Intercultural Communication (DSFUCI-Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy)


24 hours in presence.

The intensive course is designed to facilitate the participation of professionals and experts. Lectures are provided by experts in security sector and in the topic “methodologies in inter-professional contexts”.

Numer of participants

Nr. 35

5 mobility grants for 2000 euros each are foreseen. Mobility will be addressed primarily to visits and exchange practices and case studies at the Center for the Prevention of Radicalization and Leading to Violence,