Training, research and development of “Community Based” strategies to facilitate and support coexistence practices in multi-ethnic contexts

The Italian parliamentary commissions, the EU and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly have emphasized the need to have expert skills to improve integration and operate in places with a high risk of radicalization. By intercepting this need, the Forward project, promoted by the University of Siena in collaboration with the Al-Quaraouiyine University of Fès, the Al Akhawayn University of Ifrane and the University for Foreigners of Siena, provides innovative training courses of an international nature. and research actions useful to facilitate and support the experience of pluralism that develops in different social and work contexts.

Training, Research and Development of “community based” strategies to support practices of living together in multi-ethnic contexts

The Italian Parliamentary Commission, The European Union, and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly focused their attention on the need to promote expertise and competences in order to improve the integration in the societies and to work in highly radicalization contexts. Reaching this request, the FORWARD Project aims to support the pluralism experience, which may develop in different social and organizational contexts, through innovative and international training courses and research. The project is promoted by the University of Siena (Italy) in partnership with the Al-Quaraouiyine University (Fès), the Al Akhawayn University (Ifrane), and the University for foreigners of Siena (Italy).