Learning the Italian language as the second language (L2)

Carla Bagna

Courses in Italian L2 are addressed to foreign citizens and will be held in Tuscany and in the national territory.
Knowledge of the language and culture of the hosting country is the main vehicle of integration and it is also an essential element enabling the facilitation of economic and productive exchanges between people and organizations.
10 vocational training courses for learning the Italian language and culture will start from August 2019 until the end of the Forward project.
Courses will be structured on different levels according to the specific needs of learners - from beginners to advanced - and will include intensive sessions at the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).
In particular, 12 courses of 72 hours each will be taken.
Courses are addressed to young learners and adults living in Tuscany who need to develop language skills necessary for managing interpersonal relationships, both in an informal and formal (working) levels.
Language Courses are designed to develop and enhance the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing) through various types of activities that include playing and simulating real situations.
The comunicative teaching approach aims to provide students with all instruments that are necessary to foster the active participation of foreign youth and adults in the social, cultural and economic life of the host country through the active use of the Italian language.

The language Courses are part of the activities planned in Action No. 4 of the Forward Project, as envisaged in the January 2019 Executive Project:
Training courses in Italian L2.